Resources Implementation

Implementation support ensures language access at the moment of need

LanguageLine wants to ensure that every client gets the support they need to take full advantage of the language access solutions they have chosen. Our experienced professional Implementation Team works in collaboration with the Account Executives to implement and optimize new and existing accounts. We assist organizations to promote language services and train staff to easily access a language interpreter. Implementation optimizes your on-demand interpreting solution to drive customer satisfaction and improve staff productivity.

Expert guidance

Our dedicated Implementation Team can provide the following support at your location:
  • A walk-through and assessment to determine equipment and materials needs
  • An audit to determine legal and compliance requirements related to language access and the implementation process
  • Customized training sessions teach how to use the interpreter services and work with an interpreter
  • Support materials for staff, to promote awareness of your interpreter services program, and to assist with language identification

Assistance with self-implementation

To make sure your language services are accessible and promoted:
  • LanguageLine provides step-by-step guides to assist you in implementing and optimizing your program at your own pace
  • Training presentations to teach your staff individually, in groups or on their own. Also ideal for retraining to refresh their skills
  • Reference materials to train the trainer
  • Video tutorial on how to use the services and support materials
  • Support materials for staff and to promote awareness and language identification

Customized support materials

LanguageLine understands that your communities need to know you provide interpreter services and that each staff member needs to have quick access to an interpreter.

To promote awareness that you offer interpreter services, and to help identify a language, we offer:

  • Posters
  • Desktop displays
  • Language ID guides

For your staff, we provide customized complimentary support materials with your access information for easy reference access the service:

  • Quick reference guides
  • Badges
  • Postcards
  • Wallet cards
  • Labels
  • Flyers

Get the implementation support you need

Contact your Account Executive or Customer Service to schedule an implementation or for a copy of our Implementation Guide.