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Imagine waking up in a hospital where you don’t speak the same language as your caregivers. You’re sick, you’re scared, and you’re alone. Then someone brings in a tablet or smartphone, presses a button, and up comes someone who looks you in the eye and speaks your language. Through this interpreter, your doctors and nurses are suddenly able to understand not just what you say, but what you mean.

video remote interpreting with professional interpreters


Available in the most requested languages including American and British Sign Language

The advantages of LanguageLine InSight Video Interpreting®

People tend to think of interpretation as a transaction, swapping one word for another much as one would exchange currency. At LanguageLine, we think of interpretation as a profoundly human experience. More than transactional, it should be transformational - both for our clients and the communities they serve.

LanguageLine InSight Video Interpreting is transformational technology. Our video remote interpreting is available via tablet, smartphone, or laptop. It allows limited-English speakers, as well as the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing, to feel heard and seen by another person.

Available within seconds at the touch of a button, LanguageLine’s award-winning video remote interpreting is available in the top 41 most requested languages, including American and British Sign Language.

What are the best uses for video interpreting service?

On-demand video remote interpreting is ideal for:

vri is ideal for communiciatin with American Sign Language

Video requests fulfilled in video


Available languages for video remote interpretation


Average client rating for video calls (out of 5)

24.8 sec.

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Interpreters available on-demand

One of our little guys has been with us most of his life. He’s deaf. Prior to video interpreting, he was very closed off. Once we got (LanguageLine Video), we were going up and down the hallways with him. It made him open up a lot more. There is a different connection you get when a patient can look an interpreter in the eye. We’ve been pleasantly surprised at the extent to which video interpreters share the same compassion for our patients that we do.

Children’s Specialized Hospital
ASL interpreters are standing by on VRI

LanguageLine on Wheels

video interpreting is mobile with Interpreter on Wheels

LanguageLine’s Interpreter on Wheels® provides effortless movement and mobility to maximize the effectiveness of video interpreting. An adjustable, rolling stand incorporates a secure audio amplification enclosure for the tablet on a tilting head.

Features include:

  • Sound amplification: A patented audio amplification enclosure that nearly doubles a tablet’s natural volume. No wires, batteries, or charging are required.
  • Security: The tablet is secured by a modular design that mounts directly to the stand.
  • Mobility and stability: The rolling cart has a 23-inch base with five wheels and lockable casters for maximum stability and ease of mobility.
  • Easy assembly: Interpreter on Wheels comes mostly pre-assembled. Final assembly time is approximately 10 minutes per unit. On-site assembly service is available.

‘It’s like a miracle’

Watch how a California hospital in a highly diverse community is using on-demand video interpreting to elevate patient care.

Alex Gonzalez is a registered nurse in the oncology unit at Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System. SVMH is a public hospital that provides quality health services to patients of all ages throughout Monterey County, an agricultural hub where a quarter of the population are non-citizens and more than 40 percent are native Spanish speakers.

Gonzalez uses InSight® to perform assessments, explain new medication, and get consent for surgery, among other tasks.

“Communication is key,” he said. “Trusting in your healthcare team is critical, and we consider (LanguageLine Video) to be part of that team.”

The LanguageLine Solutions difference

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11,000 trained interpreters ready to take your call.

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We search the globe for the finest interpreters, then provide continuous training and education

LanguageLine helps train your staff.

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We provide assistance with the installation and optimization of your language-access program

Comply with laws and regulations.

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Our high-quality video complies with ACA Section 1557 and HIPAA

Access video interpreters over wifi or cellular networks.

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LanguageLine InSight Video Interpreting can be accessed via WiFi or cellular networks

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