In the heart of Florida, Alachua County Public Schools (ACPS) has embarked on a transformative journey to enhance communication between educators, English Language Learners (ELL), and their families.

This initiative, driven by the local immigrant advocates and the Gainesville Immigrant Neighbor Inclusion Initiative (GINI), has led to the successful integration of LanguageLine’s interpretation and translation services.

Alachua County's demographic data underscores the necessity of these language services. With 14.5% of the county's population speaking a language other than English at home and a significant portion being foreign-born, the diversity within the community cannot be overstated. 


A Call for Change

The push for more inclusive language services in ACPS began over a year ago, spearheaded by advocates who recognized the need for better support for families that do not speak English. 

Following robust discussions and a listening session with school officials, ACPS contracted LanguageLine, marking a significant step towards inclusivity. 

Implementing LanguageLine is part of a broader strategy to improve language accessibility. This initiative includes the hiring of a dedicated language interpreter/translator and the introduction of a district website and newsletter translation option, catering to over 200 languages thanks to LanguageLine.

Impact and Implementation

The implementation of LanguageLine has seen tangible results, with the district beginning to issue parent notifications in both Spanish and English. This targeted approach ensures that Spanish-speaking families receive communications in their preferred language, demonstrating ACPS's commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its community.

The journey towards full language inclusivity is ongoing. Adriana Menendez, from the Rural Women’s Health Project, emphasized the importance of comprehensive staff training across the district to maximize the effectiveness of ELL programs. Challenges remain, particularly in ensuring that all front line staff are adequately trained in accessing LanguageLine.

Building a Participatory School System

The ultimate goal of integrating LanguageLine Solutions in ACPS is to foster a school environment where all parents, regardless of language proficiency, feel empowered to participate in their children’s education. 

School officials have stressed the importance of developing communication pathways that respect and acknowledge the diverse linguistic backgrounds of families in Alachua County.

LanguageLine Solutions in Education

LanguageLine offers a broad spectrum of services designed to overcome language barriers in education, including:

  • Phone Interpreting: Enables effective communication with parents and guardians in over 240 languages.
  • Video Interpreting: Utilizes facial expressions to minimize misunderstandings, available in 40+ languages including sign languages.
  • Virtual Meetings: Integrates LanguageLine® Certified interpreters into existing virtual meeting platforms.
  • Document Translation: Provides accurate translations tailored to the audience and purpose in 290+ languages.
  • In-Person Interpreting: Facilitates sensitive conversations and meetings with expert interpreters.

Moving Forward


ACPS's partnership with LanguageLine represents a crucial step towards inclusivity and equity in education. 

By addressing language barriers, the district not only enhances academic performance but also fosters a more engaged and participatory community. 

As ACPS continues to refine its language services, the focus remains on training, sensitivity, and the technical implementation of solutions like LanguageLine, ensuring every student and family receives the support they need to thrive.

To learn more about how LanguageLine supports English Language Learners and their families in more than 240 languages, please visit out website

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