On Earth Day 2022,  LanguageLine Solutions® was “Green Business Certified,” an environmental initiative that we launched in the name of a beloved team member.

Our Green Business Certification is through the California Green Business Network, which leads the nation in working with businesses to create a vibrant green economy. 

LanguageLine’s certification as a green business came after a rigorous application process. It indicates that we have met and exceeded regulatory requirements to prevent pollution, reduce waste, conserve energy, and save water. Receiving this certification wasn’t easy, but it was certainly worthwhile, as it is another way to reflect our intention to be the best corporate citizens that we can be.

WATCHPresident and CEO Scott W. Klein Announces Angela’s Trees

LanguageLine’s Green Business initiative was spearheaded by Director of Business Process Improvement Angela Witmer, who passed away in January 2022. In her honor, LanguageLine sponsors the planting of a tree whenever a new interpreter is hired.

We  first planted approximately 3,000 trees in Northern California, where Angela was born. The company has planted more than 27,000 trees since the program launched.

Angela was simply the best of us. Among many things, she was the embodiment of our environmental conscience. She was the most vibrant person imaginable and was truly at home in nature.

Angela’s Trees is a fitting memorial to someone who grounded us and shined a light on what truly mattered.

To learn more about LanguageLine’s sustainability efforts, read here: LanguageLine Receives 2023 Sustainability Excellence Award.


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