The ability to communicate effectively in multiple languages is invaluable. For organizations with bilingual staff and in-house interpreters, ensuring the proficiency and quality of these vital communication links is paramount. This is where LanguageLine Testing & Training comes into play, offering a comprehensive solution to assess and enhance the language skills of your team.


Why Test Language Proficiency?


The integration of multilingual employees into your workforce is a strategic move that can greatly enhance customer experience and expand your market reach. However, merely hiring individuals who claim bilingual abilities is not enough. It's essential to verify their language proficiency to ensure they can effectively interpret, translate, and engage in customer service at the highest level. LanguageLine Testing & Training offers the tools and resources to confirm that your bilingual and interpreter staff are fully equipped to meet these challenges.


Solving Communication Challenges


LanguageLine® Testing & Training is unrivaled in providing the assurance you need to develop and measure the language capabilities of your teams.  Our training programs are meticulously designed to uphold high-quality standards for bilingual communication and interpreting. From adhering to regulatory requirements to improving customer satisfaction, our solutions prepare your staff to deliver exceptional service across languages and cultures.


Our Comprehensive Testing Offerings


At LanguageLine, we understand the multifaceted nature of language proficiency and the specific skill sets required for effective interpreting. To that end, we offer a variety of tests and training programs to suit the diverse needs of organizations across sectors:

  • 16,600 Tests Delivered Annually: We provide a wide array of tests to clients across different industries, ensuring comprehensive coverage and specialized assessment.
  • 350 Quality Assessments Annually: Our quality assessments guarantee that our clients receive only the best in language proficiency evaluation.
  • 50 Languages for Training and Certification: We cater to a broad spectrum of languages, offering extensive training and certification options.

Key Courses and Assessments


Our offerings include a range of courses designed to cater to various aspects of interpreting and language proficiency:

  • Fundamentals of Interpreting: A six-hour introductory course for those new to interpreting, covering essential skills, settings, and protocols.
  • Interpreter Readiness Assessment: A concise evaluation recommended for bilingual staff, assessing language proficiency, comprehension, and conversational skills.
  • Language Proficiency Test: An in-depth oral proficiency interview using the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) scale, validating grammar, vocabulary, and linguistic skills in both English and the target language.
  • Medical Terminology Wordbook: An online resource aimed at improving interpreters' medical vocabulary, crucial for patient safety and satisfaction.
  • Medical Certification Test: A comprehensive test developed from over three decades of experience, assessing medical interpreters' knowledge and competencies.
  • Advanced Medical Training: A web-based program offering 40 hours of content, including live sessions, to deepen interpreters' medical knowledge and skills.

The LanguageLine Advantage


Choosing LanguageLine for testing and training your bilingual staff and interpreters not only ensures compliance with regulatory standards but also significantly enhances the quality of your customer service. Our innovative, expert-led programs are designed for convenience, available in-person, over the phone, or online, allowing your employees to learn and grow without the need for travel or time away from work.


In a world where every word counts, investing in the linguistic proficiency of your team is not just a necessity—it's a strategic asset. With LanguageLine Testing & Training, you gain the confidence that your bilingual and interpreter staff are not just competent, but excel in providing the best customer experience possible, bridging language gaps and fostering stronger, more inclusive connections with your audience.


Elevate your team's communication capabilities with LanguageLine and transform every interaction into an opportunity for growth and understanding.


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