Health crises do not affect everyone equally.

The coronavirus pandemic and recent social unrest have shined a light on the racial and socioeconomic disparities in health and health care in North America. Ethnic minority communities and groups of lower socioeconomic status consistently experience worse health outcomes, and have more difficulty accessing health care and health education.

Just as language and cultural barriers play a role in creating minority health disparities, guaranteeing language access for all people can play a role in overcoming them. 

Solutions begin with awareness. Our newest infographic, “The Persistence of Minority Health Disparities,” points out just how significant these inequalities have become in our society. From diabetes to breast cancer to mental health, minority communities are profoundly affected at a rate far greater than their non-Hispanic white counterparts. 

DOWNLOAD: The Persistence of Minority Health Disparities (Infographic)

Our hope is that visualizing these inequalities will lead to a discussion on how your organization can play a leadership role in confronting them. 

We invite you to download our infographic today.

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