Language services are undergoing a transformation with the integration of Artificial Intelligence. 

Your voice - regardless of whether you work with interpreters, utilize their important services, or are an interpreter or translator yourself - is crucial in shaping the safe and fair use of AI in these services.

There is an overwhelming need to foster an inclusive discussion on the role of AI in interpretation services. To break this ground, the Interpreting SAFE-AI Task Force has announced the release of a Perception Survey in multiple languages. 

This survey is a much-needed step in understanding AI's potential impact on human communication and language access, seen from the vantage of those who rely on interpreters in crucial sectors such as healthcare, government, education, and courts.

To participate in the survey, or to share it with the limited English proficient communities you serve, click here. In addition to English, the Perception Survey is also available in Arabic, French, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. 

Why Is This Survey Important?

The Interpreting SAFE-AI Task Force is a collaborative group of industry stakeholders advocating for fair and ethical AI in interpreting. Their mission is to establish, disseminate, and promote guidelines for responsible AI adoption in the field, ensuring technology's benefits are maximized while minimizing potential risks.

The Perception Survey aims to assess the expectations and experiences of a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including interpreters, professional associations, vendors, buyers, educators, and non-English speakers. To take part in the survey, please visit this link.

The insights gathered from this survey will play an important role in shaping ethical and responsible AI adoption. 

How to Participate

The significance of this survey lies in amplifying the voices of end-users of language access. The survey aims to provide a platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds to express their opinions on what role AI can, should, or will play in interpretation.

Please spread the word and encourage your network of English and limited-English speakers alike to complete the survey so that the results will be comprehensive. The survey is open until December 10, and the results are expected to be published within 30 days after the closure.

Your participation will contribute to the future landscape of language services, ensuring they are inclusive, ethical, and meet the needs of all involved. 

Every opinion matters. Together, we hope to shape a future where language services are not just technologically advanced but also deeply attuned to the needs of diverse communities.

To take part in the survey, please visit this link.

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