LanguageLine is excited to extend an exclusive invitation to our community for a complimentary webinar, "From Words to Wellness: Promoting Health Equity through Translation.”

This webinar will be hosted by The Beryl Institute. It will take place on Thursday, December 7, at 2 pm ET/11 am PT, and will be an insightful exploration of the vital intersection between language access and health equity.

You can register for the webinar via this link

This webinar will focus on the following:

Empowering Patients through Language Access

Translation plays a critical role in achieving health equity. This webinar is designed to delve into strategies for empowering limited-English patients, ensuring they actively engage in their healthcare decisions. 

Revolutionizing Healthcare Communication

Innovative translation technology has been a game-changer in healthcare communication. We will explore the latest advancements in translation technology and how these innovations are revolutionizing communication within the healthcare landscape. 

Learning from Success

Geisinger Health, a leading Pennsylvania-based health system, will share their success stories during the webinar. Geisinger places a strong emphasis on health equity while serving a highly diverse patient population. By learning from their best practices, we can gain valuable insights into how language access initiatives can significantly improve health equity.

Expert Panel

Our distinguished speakers will include Rebecca Ruckno from Geisinger and Cory Markert from LanguageLine Solutions. They will guide us through a comprehensive exploration of language barriers, advancements in translation technology, success stories, and strategies for patient empowerment.

Join the Conversation

This webinar is your opportunity to be part of a crucial conversation that leads to meaningful change in promoting health equity through translation. Get your burning questions answered by our expert panel and contribute to the collective effort of paving the way toward a healthcare system that leaves no one behind.

How to Register

If you are not a member of The Beryl Institute, you can still register for the webinar by creating a free guest account. Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights from industry experts and contribute to the ongoing conversation about promoting health equity through translation.

You can register for the webinar via this link

Join us on December 7 and be part of a transformative journey toward healthcare systems that truly prioritize the well-being of every individual. Register now and let's pave the way together.

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