The Second National Healthcare Interpreter Certification Summit, held in Houston, Texas on April 5-6, proved to be an extraordinary event. LanguageLine was a proud sponsor, and we were thrilled to participate alongside a diverse group of stakeholders passionate about ensuring seamless language access in healthcare settings.

This year's summit was a collaborative effort between the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) and The University of Houston Downtown (UHD) Department of History, Humanities, and Languages. In addition to language services providers like LanguageLine, it brought together a dynamic mix of healthcare interpreters, interpreter trainers, healthcare organization leaders, and university students and faculty.

All of us shared a commitment to shaping the future of language access in healthcare. Throughout the two-day event, attendees had the opportunity to learn from insightful presentations, engage in productive discussions, and build valuable connections with like-minded professionals.

Highlighting Successful Partnerships

One of the most impactful presentations came from Lindsey Newman of Memorial Hermann - Texas Medical Center, a valued LanguageLine client. Her presentation, titled "Got Interpreters? Improving Language Access through Enhanced Agency Partnerships," offered valuable insights into how Memorial Hermann strategically collaborates with LanguageLine to ensure efficient access to interpreters for patients and families. She explored the specific tools and strategies utilized by Memorial Hermann to foster a robust partnership with LanguageLine.

Prioritizing by Interpretation Modality

Another presentation that resonated with attendees was delivered by Melina Kolbeck of Children's Health of Dallas, another LanguageLine client. Her session, "Prioritizing Clinical Encounters by Interpretation Modality," delved into the strategic allocation of interpretation resources based on the specific needs of each clinical encounter.

Ms. Kolbeck shared the process Children's Health used to establish and gain approval for prioritizing appointments based on in-person, video, or phone interpreters. She further emphasized the importance of quality by highlighting her decision to choose LanguageLine based on its industry-leading quality.

Celebrating Collaboration and Innovation

The summit culminated in a closing ceremony featuring a video in which LanguageLine Chief Marketing Officer Suzanne Franks explained the critical, ongoing need for human interpretation in healthcare settings. The video resonated with the audience, underlining the human element at the heart of effective language access. You can view the video here: 


LanguageLine is especially grateful for the participation of Jorge Ungo, a LanguageLine veteran and CCHI Language Access Advocate, who served as the emcee for the summit. His enthusiasm and expertise were instrumental in fostering a productive and engaging atmosphere throughout the event.

Looking Forward

The 2024 CCHI National Certification Summit provided a powerful platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing within the healthcare language access community. LanguageLine is proud to have been a part of this vital event and looks forward to continued engagement with stakeholders across the field. The summit served as a springboard for innovation and reinforced the collective commitment to ensuring seamless communication and patient-centered care for all.

We invite you to learn more about our interpreter career opportunities, as well as our numerous healthcare solutions.

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