Increase Clarity with Plain
English Translation

The average American reads at a seventh-grade level. Most become lost when faced with complex content, unfamiliar terminology, and industry jargon.

Overly complicated language just doesn't work. It creates a poor customer experience, leads to confusion, and drives up costs.

It is not surprising then, that clarity has become today's gold standard for effective communication.

The Plain English Solution

As the world's leading language-access company, we offer interpretation and translation solutions in more than 240 languages. This includes "Plain English," which we think of as a language unto itself.

Content that is not easily understood in English will likewise be poorly understood when it is translated into other languages. Linguists faithfully convert meaning, style, and tone from one language to another. Thus, high-quality translations require high-quality source content.

LanguageLine's Clarity division ensures that communications will be clear and effective in any language through a unique, trademarked process called Macrosimplification.


In most organizations, complex content affects more than just a few documents. Complexity diminishes all communications systems, including forms, customer letters, and sales literature. Instead of tackling a handful of documents at a time, Macrosimplification simplifies dozens or hundreds of documents as a system. This unique process also:

  • Purges digital and print systems of their non-essential content and designs them for crystal clarity and ease of use
  • Right-sizes document libraries
  • Re-imagines communications systems and processes
  • Embeds plain language principles within an organization's culture and brand to permanently transform content creation and output
  • Reduces the amount of content requiring translation, often by up to 40 percent

The Benefits of Macrosimplification

Macrosimplification's enterprise-wide approach to identifying core content ensures that it is relevant and useful to all audiences. Its wholesale purging of non-core content simplifies the customer experience and achieves benefits like:

  • Systemic change
  • A leaner content inventory
  • Brand differentiation, credibility, and trust
  • Dramatic cost savings

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