Northwell Health deployed video interpreting throughout its fleet of ambulances, which  helps first responders communicate in real time with non-English speakers and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Northwell Health is an integrated network that is New York State’s largest healthcare provider.

As first reported by Newsday, Northwell’s Center for Emergency Services has the first ambulances in the state to use video interpreting. The technology was deployed throughout the health network’s fleet of more than 80 ambulances. 

Known as LanguageLine® Video Interpreting, the app-based technology provides one-touch, real-time connections to live, professional interpreters in more than 40 languages, including American Sign Language. InSightSM also provides the same on-demand access to audio-only interpreters in more than 240 languages. InSight operates on app-enabled iPads, smartphones, and desktop computers. Connections to an interpreter are made in less than 30 seconds.

According to Newsday, a third of Northwell’s ambulance fleet operates in diverse communities within the boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.  

“Having the ability to quickly access a video (interpreter) while treating patients who are having difficulty communicating with us, whether in their home or on the sidewalk, will only expedite and improve the delivery of my care to them,” Sinaka Javorovac, a Northwell paramedic, said in a statement to Newsday.

Photo credit: Lee Weissman/Northwell Health

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We believe that being understood is empowering. For more than four decades, LanguageLine has worked with healthcare organizations to overcome language and cultural barriers.

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