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Video Remote Interpreting

LanguageLine® InSightSM Video Interpreting

Video remote interpreting is powerful and reliableLanguageLine InSight video remote interpreting (VRI) empowers you to provide outstanding service and exceptional care, on-demand, to the Limited English Proficient and the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing through The Power of SightSM

One-touch access to trained professional video interpreters facilitates full understanding through spoken and visual communication to reduce the risk of misunderstanding by capturing body language and facial expressions to read visual cues.

InSight Video interpreting:

  • Improves productivity
  • Enhances your image in the communities you serve
  • Builds loyalty
  • Increases revenue
  • Helps to comply with laws and regulations. 

Interpreters You Can Trust

  • Our interpreters are trained, tested, and monitored with additional training in medical, legal, financial, and video interactions.
  • Our American Sign Language interpreters are nationally certified.
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Video Interpreting Service

Innovative Interpreting Solution

LanguageLine Solutions® is proud to introduce the industry-revolutionizing, next-generation, interpreting solution, LanguageLine InSight Video Interpreting. InSight is the fastest, easiest to use, most reliable and secure, video and audio interpreting solution of its kind.

  • Free download from the App Store for iPad or iPhone
  • InSight is available on these platforms:
    • As a native iOS application
    • Android tablet with Chrome
    • Windows PC or Mac OS with Chrome/Firefox
  • One-time, flexible authentication code
  • Top 35 languages covering 98% of language demand
  • Including American Sign Language
  • Audio-only interpreting available in 240 languages 24/7/365
  • On demand access to 8,000+ LanguageLine linguists
  • End-to-end encrypted video and audio meets security compliance, while eliminating complicated technical implementations
  • No VPN tunnel required
  • High quality video and audio (meets ACA 1557)
  • 24/7 direct LanguageLine tech support
  • Rate each call after completion
  • No third party platforms, applications, or interpreter vendors
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One touch access directly to an interpreter

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Interpreter on Wheels

Interpreter On Wheels™

Our Interpreter on Wheels is an all-inclusive, ready to assemble, rolling adjustable stand with secure iPad enclosure and tilting head, medical grade power cord and external speaker. The affordable stand secures your tablet and makes it easy to roll the video interpreter to the location it is most needed. 

  • 21 inch base with 5 wheels for stability
  • Utility basket
  • Rubber coated handle
  • Lightweight for ease of movement
  • Medical grade power cord
  • Resistant to harsh chemicals
  • External stereo speaker
  • Tilting head for ADA compliance

*iPad sold separately 

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Start LanguageLine InSight Now

LanguageLine InSight is available to clients and any organization, business, or agency with a LanguageLine account. For more information or to establish an account Contact Us or your Account Executive.

Download the InSight app from the App Store to your iPad.

InSight in the App Store

Access the cloud-based InSight application from your computer using the latest Chrome or Firefox browser by clicking on this link:


Add a shortcut to InSight to your desktop:

  1. Access the InSight url
  2. Click on the tools/settings button in the top right 
  3. Select "More tools"    
  4. Select "Add to desktop..."
  5. Click on the Icon to go directly to InSight


Refer to the Help and Settings in your app for support and technical information.

Current LanguageUc Clients

If you are a current LanguageUC client, find all the information and application details to ensure the best interpreting sessions using the LanguageUc application. 


LanguageUc Support 
Interpretation through Video
LanguageLine InSight Video Interpreting

LanguageLine® InSightSM Video Interpreting

Learn more about InSight Video Interpreting, the revolutionary application that is taking the industry by storm.

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