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Vancouver International is the second busiest airport in Canada, second only to Toronto. Nearly 29 million passengers from around the world came through its terminals last year.

It is often described as a trans-Pacific hub, with more direct flights to China than any other airport in North America or Europe.

Vancouver International has long placed a priority on what it calls “accessibility initiatives.” These initiatives have for several years included offering LanguageLine® on-demand phone interpretation in more than 240 languages throughout its terminals.

Vancouver International also offers LanguageLine one-touch, real-time video interpretation, which is available in 42 languages, including American Sign Language.

The on-demand video remote interpreting (VRI) service can be requested through the airport’s frontline staff.

In an announcement, the airport said, “(Video interpreting) complements the existing LanguageLine audio interpreting and allows us to better serve passengers who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. It supports Vancouver International’s goal of greater accessibility by making the airport a more inclusive and welcoming place for everyone.”

LanguageLine Can Help

North America is entering a period of unprecedented diversity. Almost 90 percent of population growth will come from immigration in coming decades and our foreign-born population is expected to nearly double.

We pride ourselves on turning linguistic and cultural challenges into opportunities for your organization. Please contact us for a free consultation to discuss the opportunities that might lie ahead for you.

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