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Phone Interpreting

Professional On-Demand Phone Interpreting

Thousands of professional interpreters fluent in 240+ languages

Reliable and robust phone interpreting 

Our team of over 8,000 professional interpreters are carefully selected and trained in interpretation skills and specific industry practices and terminologies to be the very best in the business. Professional, courteous, and focused on complete and accurate interpretation in any circumstance, our interpreters will provide you with the very best phone interpreting experience possible.



As the world's leading phone interpreting provider, LanguageLine’s phone interpreting solution is easy to use on any phone, connecting you to an interpreter within seconds, 24/7/365.  



LanguageLine® PhoneSM Interpreting

  • Standard Phone Interpreting Call FlowDial the provided toll free telephone number
  • Provide basic account information and identify the language
  • Connect to an interpreter within seconds  
  • Our interpreter can dial an outbound call to connect your LEP client if needed
  • Customizable process streamlines your call flow, improves efficiency, to meet your specific business needs



LanguageLine® Direct ResponseSM

  • Direct Response call flow.Provide LEP callers with a dedicated, direct to you, toll free telephone number
  • LEP caller is greeted in-language, and then paired with an interpreter before your phone even rings, saving time and increasing productivity  
  • Improves the in-language client experience - perfect for appointments, consults, community outreach, hotlines and more


Deliver Effective Communication of the Spoken Word

Helpful equipment and support materials.Providing affordable language services using phone interpreting helps you to:

  • Build LEP satisfaction and loyalty
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations
  • Reduce staff frustration
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce your costs
  • Maximize your budget and revenue

With optional session-enhancing phone equipment and support materials available as well, you’ll find that working with our telephone interpreters is simple, cost effective and rewarding.

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