Have you ever received a document from your bank, hospital, insurance, and skipped reading it because it is so lengthy and hard to understand?

Language access helps low-English proficiency speakers engage and understand content, but English speakers also need help sifting through important documents. Plain language helps you make your content more accessible.

We invite you to join us for our upcoming webinar, “Plain Language and Compliance for Public Sector Communications.”

Please register today and join us at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET on October 27, 2021. You will hear from a Washington, D.C., government housing and compliance officer who is leading the agency’s shift to plain English to streamline their content, increase compliance with local and federal mandates, and improve communications to build client and partner trust while lowering their translation costs.

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You will also learn how you can:

  • Reach hard-to-serve audiences
  • Purge confusing, frustrating content from existing communications
  • Improve communications before they are translated into other languages
  • Gain expertise in plain language to support future communications

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Clear and concise communication is essential to reaching, educating, and building trust with customers, clients, and partners. This webinar is for those who want their content to be more concise, better organized, more accessible, and easier to understand. This applies to all communities they serve, including limited-English speakers and low-literacy audiences.

Please register for “Plain Language and Compliance for Public Sector Communications” today. 

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