Professional Interpreter Careers at LanguageLine


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I be a LanguageLine Interpreter?

Working as an interpreter is a rewarding career where you have the opportunity to help people every single day. The work is interesting, because each call is different. From assisting with the birth of a baby, to helping a 911 operator with an emergency, or helping a young couple fill out a loan application for their first home, you never know what may happen in your next interpreting session.

Can you explain to me what an interpreter does?

As an interpreter, you listen to a limited English speaking individual, analyze the message, and accurately convey its meaning to our customer. Each call is a three-way conversation between the interpreter, the client, and the limited English speaking person the client serves. You will be speaking in the first person throughout the interpretation session. For example if the client says in English “I know the payment is due next week”, you will say in the target language “I know the payment is due next week”, not “He knows the payment is due next week”.

What skills do I need to become a LanguageLine Interpreter?

All of our interpreters follow national and international standards for interpreter protocol. They are trained to understand these protocols, and follow them accordingly. An interpreter is expected to be able to accurately render information in two languages, while maintaining the pace of the conversation and keeping a neutral point of view.

LanguageLine Solutions interpreters are educated in both English and a second or third language. They have demonstrated native, or near native proficiency, in English and another language. Successful candidates demonstrate:

  • Clear understanding of meaning in two languages
  • Accurate rendering of information with no addition or omissions
  • A pleasant, professional demeanor and voice
  • Proper enunciation and pronunciation
  • Efficient note-taking and memory retention skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • Outstanding customer service skills
  • Strong cultural sensitivity

How do I apply to become a Work at Home or Call Center LanguageLine Interpreter?

  • To start the application process, visit the LanguageLine Solutions Careers page
  • Select the region in which you reside
  • The job titles will indicate if the position is remote (Work at Home) or in a Call Center
  • Click on the job title to read the job description and apply

Once you submit your online application, you will receive an automated email response verifying it was received. A recruiter will review your qualifications and may contact you via email to schedule an interview. During the interview the recruiter will address the specific details of the position.

Are there any fees associated with becoming a LanguageLine interpreter?

No. There are no fees associated with becoming a LanguageLine interpreter.

Is there a face-to-face interview with LanguageLine?

LanguageLine Solutions conducts all preliminary interviews, language screenings, and interpretation assessments over the phone or via video. If you live near a call center, we may invite you to a face-to-face interview.

Are my “home office” expenses tax deductible?

Please contact a professional tax advisor for all tax-related questions.

What are the technical requirements to work as a LanguageLine Interpreter?

Work At Home interpreters must have an Internet service with a speed of at least 5 Mbps (download) and 1 Mbps (upload).

A recruiter will provide further details during the interview process.

What are the scheduling options for LanguageLine Interpreters?

LanguageLine Solutions operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Based on business needs, there may be a variety of schedules available. A recruiter will provide further details during the interview process.