LanguageLine’s Language Proficiency Tests Assure Accuracy

We offer a comprehensive language-proficiency testing process, developed with nearly four decades of experience. Externally validated by professional subject-matter experts, our tests are backed by experience gained from nearly 40 million annual interpreting encounters.

Language Proficiency Test

LanguageLine has developed comprehensive tests to help organizations assess and attest the language and interpreting skills of in-house interpreters and bilingual employees. All LanguageLine tests have been validated by external experts or a psychometrician.

Language proficiency requires knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and syntax, among other things. The test is an oral proficiency interview conducted entirely in the tested language and designed to identify an individual’s level of linguistic proficiency. This test uses Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) rating scale, which is widely accepted by government agencies and the education sector in the United States.

Although fluency in two languages is required for interpreters, bilingualism alone is not sufficient to ensure that an individual has the specific skill-set needed for interpreting between two languages.

The LPT is also available in English for organizations that need to ensure that their bilingual employees speak English in a sufficiently clear and coherent manner for interactions with their English-speaking clients.

This test is of particular relevance to call-center employees.

eLanguage Proficiency Test (eLPT) - Easy Online Testing

Testing fluency and competency in your bilingual and interpreter staff, as well as candidates for hire, has never been easier. The eLanguage Proficiency Test (eLPT) is available in 17 languages, including English. The eLPT offers online delivery of the Language Proficiency Test, allowing for quicker, more convenient testing of bilingual staff and applicants without compromising the quality of the results.

Candidates register online and complete the test over the phone on their own schedule. Tests are evaluated and rated by experienced professionals for dependable, accurate results.

The eLPT can also be easily integrated into HR Platforms or company intranets to provide seamless integration into the hiring process with easy to access results.

Learn more about the eLPT.

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English eLPT Demo | Spanish eLPT Demo

Bilingual Fluency Assessment (BFA)

The BFA assesses the candidate’s oral proficiency in English and a target language, as well as knowledge of general terminology commonly used in a health care setting by medical assistants, receptionists, and other front end staff. Also available online (eBFA).

Try it for yourself.  Spanish BFA/BFAC Demo

Bilingual Fluency Assessment for Clinicians (BFAC)

The BFAC assesses the same knowledge as the BFA, however, it includes specific medical terminology in both tested languages. It is often used to assess the fluency of clinical staff in a health care setting, such as physicians, nurses, and technicians. Also available online (eBFAC).

See how it works.  Spanish BFA/BFAC Demo

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