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Interpreting is a complex task requiring professional training, as well as real-life experience. Skilled interpreters and bilinguals provide the very best communication you can count on to reduce costly mistakes and increase patient and customer satisfaction. To ascertain the readiness of bilingual employees or the competency of interpreters, these tests are designed to evaluate the following criteria.

Interpreter Readiness Assessment (IRA)

Recommended for bilingual employees with documented proficiency in two languages. Also available online (eIRA). The assessment usually does not take more than 20 minutes and covers:

  • Language proficiency in English and the target language
  • Comprehension ability
  • Basic conversion skills

See how it works. Spanish eIRA Demo

Interpreter Skills Test (IST)

Recommended for existing interpreters to measure their interpreting skills and knowledge, as well as identify areas for improvement. Also available online (eIST). This test takes approximately 35 minutes, depending on the language, and covers:

  • Advanced language proficiency in English and the target language
  • Interpreting skills
  • Interpreting protocols
  • Knowledge of terminology

Specially trained and experienced interpreters, who have undergone intensive training in test delivery and rating administer all the tests over a landline phone. Test administrators have a rich variety of professional qualifications backed by years of experience in the field of interpreting.

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