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COVID-19 Support

Our clients are doing heroic work against the backdrop of extreme challenges. Among these challenges is providing critical information to a public that needs it, regardless of language, culture, or ability.

LanguageLine is committed to being a steadfast partner during these difficult times, as we have been during other trying periods over the course of our 40-year history. “Business as unusual” is business as usual for us.

Five years ago, our interpreters shifted to a work-at-home model as part of a larger digital transformation. This model has allowed us to remain fully operational. LanguageLine’s ability to deliver for our clients has been unaffected by the COVID-19 crisis – in fact, our performance metrics have improved across the board since March 1, 2020.

With 24-hour support, we are able to provide you with an interpreter in seconds, while also urgently delivering the written translations you require.

LanguageLine stands ready to assist you with the following needs:

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We are eager to assist you with whatever linguistic or cultural challenges you may be facing.

Please provide us with your information and a LanguageLine representative will make it a priority to reach out to you. We can also be reached at 800-752-6096.

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Our pledge to help North America’s healthcare workers

LanguageLine contributed a portion of the April revenue we earned from the healthcare sector to Direct Relief

Direct Relief coordinates with public-health authorities, nonprofits, and businesses in the U.S. and globally to provide personal protective equipment and essential medical items to health workers responding to coronavirus. In North America. Direct Relief is delivering protective masks, exam gloves, and isolation gowns to healthcare organizations that are battling the growing number of COVID-19 cases. To learn more, please visit

Over-the-phone interpreting

You likely have an urgent need for an interpretation resource that provides simple, reliable connections. This solution must be intuitive and quickly accessible at a moment’s notice.

LanguageLine is the world’s largest provider of over-the-phone interpretation, with more than 12,000 highly skilled, professional interpreters available on-demand 24 hours a day in 240-plus languages. We handle 40 million interactions each year, answering each call within just seconds.

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Video interpreting

If an interpreter is unable to be on-site, video remote interpreting has proven to be a valuable substitute. Video interpreters can be accessed in seconds to help healthcare providers, government agencies, and any organization care for their communities.

LanguageLine Video Interpreting is available in 40 languages, including American Sign Language. It allows limited-English speakers, as well as the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing, to feel heard and seen by another person. LanguageLine Video is available via tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

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Mobile interpreting and Interpreter app

The need for language access has become widespread and unpredictable. Nonetheless, during this critical time it is imperative that every individual receives the help they need.

The LanguageLine mobile app puts the power of more than 12,000 interpreters in users’ pockets. Professional linguists are available with just the touch of a button in more than 240 languages, including American Sign Language. With a smartphone or tablet, the LanguageLine app allows users to instantly reach a video or audio-only interpreter regardless of location.

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Translation and Localization

Since the onset of coronavirus, most organizations have a sudden and urgent need to translate their written materials into multiple languages.

We search the world for the finest translators to add to our team. The fruit of this search shows up in our 98.5 percent customer satisfaction rating over tens of thousands of projects handled each year. We can easily translate any type of content, including advisories, registration forms, posters, and subtitles. We have also added weekend and evening coverage for emergency requests.

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The use of telehealth is rapidly expanding. Particularly during a health emergency in which the risk of infection is high and the need for care is urgent, physicians are seeking to meet with patients remotely using telehealth solutions.

LanguageLine provides a simple, easy-to-use method for incorporating a professional audio interpreter into a telehealth session. Leading medical facilities around the country are using this feature.

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Distance Learning & E-Learning

Many schools and businesses are shifting to distance learning or eLearning to support the educational needs of their students and employees in need of training.

LanguageLine can provide an interpreter for live distance-learning calls. We can also translate any educational materials in more than 240 languages.

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