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As the industry leader, LanguageLine Solutions provides relevant resources to help clients make informed decisions and maximize their investment in language access solutions. Feel free to download a copy by clicking on the title of resource.

The Future of Finance

The Future of Finance

Financial consumers have become more culturally and ethnically varied. More than 65 million US residents—or 20 percent of the population—speak a language other than English at home.



A Discussion with Middletown School District

Middletown City School District (New York) officials have taken extraordinary steps to provide language-access solutions for a diverse student population.  


Case Study: The Mount Sinai Hospital

There are 192 languages spoken at home in the New York metro area, and the number is expected to climb. Providing a meaningful experience in a hospital setting for those who don’t speak English as a primary language starts with interpretation.

Preparing for Localization

Preparing for Localization

The internet has brought the world closer together. You can buy something halfway across the globe from the comfort of your home and have it within a week. Even though buyers reap the full benefits of this convenience, they still prefer to buy products and services that communicate in their native language.


Empowering Your Organization with Video Remote Interpreting

More organizations are using video remote interpreting (VRI) to bridge the gap between their front-line staff and a population with increasingly diverse language needs.


The Guide to translation and Localization

The Guide to Translation and Localization

To reach a growing global market, you need to not only translate your content into a foreign language, your content needs to be localized, which involves a more comprehensive cultural adaptation to better reach your target audience.



Complete Guide to Selecting a Language Services ProviderPart One: On-Demand Phone and Video Interpreting

Investing in a Language Access Program to effectively communicate with the growing and diverse Limited English Proficient (LEP) and Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing populations is an important decision in maximizing an organization’s goals and objectives.



  Breaking Barriers to Banking

What Language Barriers Exist and Banking and Bridging the Gap




Technological Innovation Drives LanguageLine

This eBook details the state-of-the-art technology platform that drives LanguageLine's innovation to deliver faster, clearer interpretation sessions through multiple modalities. Learn how the industry is being transformed.




Partnering for Success in the CMS Call Center Monitoring Study

Each year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) publish quality ratings for Medicare Part C and D plans. Plans are given a rating between 1 and 5 stars, with Quality Bonus Payments (QBPs) going to plans earning 4 or 5 stars. According to one study, these QBPs can amount to an extra 5% per member annually.



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