LanguageLine Solutions®, featured in Fortune Magazine, highlights our strength in video interpreting.

"OUR COMPANY touches the lives of more than 50 million people every year,” says Scott W. Klein, president and CEO of LanguageLine Solutions. “We enable communications that empower relationships in important ways that save time, save money, and even save lives.” Since Klein was named CEO in 2012, he has organized the company’s resources to sustain a single-minded focus on doing what it takes to make a difference. He says, “We are committed to total and complete client satisfaction.” LanguageLine Solutions is trusted by more than 60% of companies on the Fortune 500 list for their interpretation and translation needs. The company supports over 25,000 clients in finance, insurance, health care, and other major industries through a vast network of more than 6,000 experienced, professional linguists. LanguageLine Solutions is the industry leader in interpretation". Read the full article: LanguageLine Fortune Magazine