Language Line Services, the No. 1 provider of interpreters and translation services in the country and world, today announced its new name, LanguageLine Solutions®.

A branding campaign will carry the company’s new name and distinctive blue parallelogram logo throughout all marketing platforms including its Internet and social media sites, all of which have been redesigned to clearly explain its mission: to enhance communications and empower relationships while continuing to reinvent itself as the undeniable industry leader both in volume and client satisfaction.

“LanguageLine Solutions is the largest language solutions company of its kind on the planet. Today we have changed our name and marketing focus to reflect that being the biggest is no longer enough. We are dedicating ourselves to providing total and complete client satisfaction with everything we do,” said Scott W. Klein, President and CEO of LanguageLine Solutions.

The company’s name change speaks to its evolution from a services company to a solutions driven company that is more attuned to the ever-changing needs of its clients. The new name reflects LanguageLine Solutions’ commitment and its expanding portfolio of multi-media solutions that allow clients to communicate with Limited English Persons (LEPs) any time, any place, any way and for any reason.

Klein added: “The changes we are making are intended to propel our brand forward as current and future clients respond to what we stand for and how we can improve their day-to-day operations through language solutions and best-in-class client service.”

LanguageLine Solutions recently acquired Pacific Interpreters, and is now the nation’s largest provider of interpreters for hospitals, medical practice groups, clinics and emergency rooms. The company also is a leader in providing language solutions to government, telecommunications, financial services, utilities, insurance and many other industries.

Klein, who joined LanguageLine Solutions in June, 2012, has built his career with an aggressive client focus, and an energetic and engaging leadership style that drives real-time transformation. His focus is not just on LanguageLine Solutions but driving positive change and leadership for the entire industry.

LanguageLine Solutions serves more than 10,000 clients across a number of industries, and employs nearly 6,000 highly trained interpreters and skilled translators.

About LanguageLine Solutions

LanguageLine Solutions, the global leader in telephone interpreting and language solutions, serves clients by quickly connecting them to their customers, patients and sales prospects in more than 200 spoken languages as well as American Sign Language (ASL), British Sign Language (BSL) and Mexican Sign Language (LSM). LanguageLine Solutions is known as a trusted partner to thousands of public and private organizations throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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