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Our goal is to help you and your staff communicate effectively with limited English speaking customers as easy as possible. That’s why we offer a variety of helpful support tools, some quantities free of charge.

* Please Note: Charges do apply for these tools.

Tools To Support Your Staff

The LanguageLine Solutions® Phone*

A one-touch solution to accessing an interpreter, our dual handset phone promotes seamless conversation without having to hand a single handset back and forth, or the noise level of having to use a speakerphone.

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Quick Reference Guide (QRG)* Postcard

  • Keep this cheat sheet near your phone for quick access to an interpreter.
  • This customized card contains all the dialing instructions you need to access an interpreter.
  • It also includes helpful tips to effectively work with an interpreter, saving you time and money.

QRG Wallet Card*

  • A business card size mini-version of our Quick Reference Guide.
  • A great tool to keep in your wallet for encounters with limited English speakers while out of the office or away from their desks.
  • Includes dialing instructions and helpful tips.
  • Some clients like to keep a copy of this in their Rolodex® file.

Tools To Support Your Customers

The second group of tools is designed to let your limited English speaking customer know they are valued and will be serviced. These tools are developed to help your limited English-speaking customers communicate with your staff as efficiently as possible and enable your staff to identify the language your customer speaks so you can service them promptly with the correct interpreter.

* Please Note: Charges do apply for these tools. 

Document Translation Service*

Translate your written documents in over 200 languages to better serve your customers. Signage, standard forms, brochures, instructions, warranties, whatever you need to communicate with your customers.

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Bilingual Staff Testing: LanguageLine Academy

Is your bilingual staff supporting your customers as well as you think they are? To determine your bilingual staff language proficiency, contact us about assessment testing and training at LanguageLine Solutions® Academy.

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Language ID Card*

This popular card includes the phrase “Point to your language. An interpreter will be called.” The limited English speaking person can self-identify their own language to help you request the proper interpreter.

  • Instructions in the top 94 common languages, grouped by the geographical region of the world.
  • The convenient size fits in personal organizers and many law enforcement officers like to keep a copy in their ticket books. (3.5″w x 8.5″h folded)
  • A great tool for face-to-face situations. This card assures limited English speakers that they are valued and will be helped.


“Interpretation Services Available” Wall and Desktop Posters. These posters (18”x24”) or desktop displays (8 ½” x 11”) are well suited to public areas and also allow limited English speakers to self-identify their language, simply by pointing to it.

  • Ideal for public places.
  • Instructions in the top 20 common languages state that an interpreter is available and ask them to point to their language. (18″w x 24″h)

Desk-top Display*

  • This desktop display with built in easel, is a smaller version of the poster. (8 ½”w x 11″h)

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