People with limited English skills and those that are deaf and hard of hearing struggle to communicate every day. They may feel frustrated, intimidated, or isolated. When you interact with diverse communities, clear understanding is vital to the well-being and satisfaction of all those you serve. By bridging these language gaps, your organization not only prompts smiles and imparts relief but can also increase productivity, improve efficiencies, and comply with laws and regulations. Understand everyone you interact with no matter what language they speak.

Instant access to professional interpreters


Languages available on-demand, including American Sign Language

Immediate interpreter access, pay by credit card

Personal Interpreter is the ideal on-demand interpreting solution for small businesses or individuals that need to provide interpretation services. Our 14,000 professionally-trained interpreters are fluent in more than 240 languages, including American Sign Language. They can be reached via audio or video, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whether you are in or out of the office.

Please note: This solution is not optimal for 9-1-1 centers, emergency response, and government services. If you need language access for these types of services, please contact us.

You have two options for reaching our interpreters

  • 1. Simply dial a toll-free number we provide from any phone and enter your PIN
  • 2. Download the LanguageLine app to your device, enter your authentication code, and tap the desired language to be connected to an audio or video interpreter

Login to your account

Mobile interpreting boosts bottom lines

Already a Personal Interpreter client? Login to your account to access your PIN or authentication code; view your call reports; download invoices; or update your credit card.

If you need assistance with your account or have a question, please call Customer Service at 1-800-752-6096.

Contact an interpreter by phone

Once you have created an account, you can reach an interpreter by phone using this simple process:

  1. Dial the 888.808.9008 in North America or 44.808.234.4886 from the UK
  2. Enter your assigned eight-digit PIN
  3. Request the language needed
  4. In seconds, begin the interpreting session
  5. The interpreter can even dial a domestic or international number to conference in a third party
  6. If in person, place phone on speaker or pass handset back and forth
  7. Hang up to end the call

Via the LanguageLine app, our clients can access video interpretation in over 40 languages and audio-only interpretation in more than 240 languages – all within seconds at the touch of a button.

use any phone or device to access qualified interpreters in seconds

How to use the LanguageLine app

LanguageLine app offers video and phone interpreting any where you need a professional interpreter

From your Smartphone, tablet, or laptop, connect to an interpreter through this simple process:

  1. Download the LanguageLine app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Enter your assigned authentication code just one time and name your device for easy reference (the code can be used on multiple devices)
  3. Find the language you need by scrolling Top Languages, All Languages, or Search
  4. Tap the language choice for either an audio call or video call
  5. In seconds, begin the interpreting session
  6. If in person, place phone on speaker or pass handset back and forth or if a video call, make sure the interpreter can see the person who needs language assistance and the volume is up
  7. Tap the red phone icon to end the call

Download the app:

iPad: InSight for the iPad in the App Store

iPhone: InSight for the iPhone in the App Store

Android: InSight for Android devices in the Google Play store

Windows PC with Chrome or Firefox browser:


Interpreters available on-demand


Languages for video interpretation


Average client video call rating (out of 5)

16.1 sec.

Average connect time for audio ca


Hours of technical support


Video requests fulfilled in video

Languageline Solutions
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Eliminate language barriers with the click of a button

Watch how small businesses and other organizations are knocking down language and cultural barriers by using the LanguageLine app.

The LanguageLine app provides you with one-touch, on-demand access to our 14,000 interpreters in audio and video formats. We provide language coverage in more than 240 languages, including American Sign Language.

No matter where you are, the app makes professional linguists available on-demand with just the touch of a button via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, in video or audio-only.

LanguageLine’s on-demand mobile interpreting features an intuitive interface, making it easy to quickly access an interpreter. It is ideal for those working in the field or for staff that need interpreters wherever they are.

The LanguageLine Solutions® difference

Highest quality interpreters.

World-class linguists

We search the globe for the finest interpreters, then provide continuous training and education

Use any phone or device for interpretation.

Multiple formats

Connect with professional interpreters via video, phone, or mobile

Quickly connect to an interpreter in seconds.

Easy connectivity

LanguageLine can be accessed via a landline, WiFi, or cellular networks

Sign up and call in minutes.

Instant Access

There are no minimums and you pay by credit card only for the minutes you use.

Connect with an interpreter now

Instant access to 14,000 professional interpreters. Pay by credit card.

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