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Personal Interpreter

Personal Interpreter Services

Personal Interpreter Services

Safety, peace of mind, and convenience

Don’t let the inability to communicate come between you and important conversations again. Personal Interpreter is the ideal language access solution for organizations or individuals that have infrequent interpretation needs in their business and personal lives. It provides on-demand 24/7 access from any phone to LanguageLine Solutions® 8,000+ professionally trained interpreters, fluent in more than 240 languages.

In business or personal communication, the need for on-demand interpreting services can arise in a moment’s notice. For only $3.95 per minute, billed to your credit card, Personal Interpreter will help you overcome communication barriers without the formality of a contract. You only pay for the minutes you use.

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Fast Connection

In just 30 seconds or less, on average, you are connected to an interpreter.




Easy Access

Create your account now to gain easy access to one of LanguageLine’s interpreters. Once your account is set up, you can easily connect to an interpreter through this simple 4-step process:

  1. Dial the provided toll-free number (or direct-dial number if calling outside of North America)
  2. Provide the assigned eight-digit PIN
  3. Request the language needed
  4. In seconds, begin the interpreting session

Convenient iPhone App

For easy and convenient access to your account, download the free Personal Interpreter companion iPhone app here. The iPhone app eliminates the need to remember your toll-free and PIN numbers to access an interpreter. Simply open the app and select the language needed. The app also comes with a free library of the most frequently used phrases translated into 10 of the most popular languages.
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Affordable Service

Personal Interpreter is available for only $3.95 per minute, conveniently billed to your credit card. Your account information and call duration for billing will be collected via our automated secure platform. You only pay for the minutes you use and you will only be billed for minutes once a qualified interpreter is reached.

All charges will appear on your credit card statement. Additional charges may apply from your telephone service provider.

World-Class Interpreter Network

As the founder of the on-demand interpretation industry, LanguageLine has more than 34 years of interpretation experience. Our interpreters must pass demanding third party tests and rigorous training programs, which include industry specific knowledge to earn the right to interpret for you and us. They are also required to comply with laws, regulations and company policies regarding confidentiality and the safety and security of the information they handle.  Our interpreters support HIPAA-compliant communication.

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Connect with an interpreter 24/7. Pay by the minute with Personal Interpreter.