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Personal Interpreter

 Need an interpreter now?

Business and Health Care Organizations benefit from interpreter access.

Immediate Access to Professional Interpreting Any Time, Anywhere

People with limited English skills and those that are deaf and hard of hearing struggle to communicate every day.  They may feel frustrated, frightened, or isolated.  When you interact with diverse communities, clear understanding is vital to the well-being and satisfaction of all those you serve. By bridging these language gaps, your organization not only prompts smiles and imparts relief but can also increase productivity, improve efficiencies, and comply with laws and regulations. Understand everyone you interact with no matter what language they speak.

No Contract. No Minimums. No Hassle. Instant Access.

Personal Interpreter is the ideal on-demand language access solution to help provide outstanding service and care to everyone no matter what language they speak. Access our 10,000 professionally trained interpreters, fluent in more than 240 languages in audio and 36 top languages and American Sign Language in video, any day, any time, in or out of the office. 

Two Options, Use One or Both:

  1. Simply dial the toll-free number from any phone and enter your PIN 
  2. Download the app to your device, enter the authentication code just one time, and tap the desired language to be connected to an audio or video interpreter. 

 Create an account in just a couple of minutes and instantly receive an email with your assigned PIN and authentication code, so you can start using Personal Interpreter right away. You only pay $3.95 per minute for audio calls and $4.95 per minute for video calls, only for the minutes you use, billed directly to your credit card. Use the account as much or as little as you need.

Create a Free Account Now 

Login to Your Account

Already a Personal Interpreter Client?  Login to your account to access your PIN, authentication code, view your call reports or download invoices and update your credit card. Forgot your PIN? Easily retrieve by email from the login page.  If you need assistance with your account or have a question, please call Customer Service at 1-800-752-6096.

Login to Your Account 

Quick Connections

Start an account now. Once your account is set up, you will receive an immediate email with your unique PIN and an authentication code to access the app.

From any phone connect to an interpreter through this simple process:

  1. Dial the 888.808.9008 in North America or 0808.234.4886 from the UK
  2. Enter your assigned eight-digit PIN
  3. Request the language needed
  4. In seconds, begin the interpreting session
  5. The interpreter can even dial a domestic or international number to conference in a third party
  6. If in person, place phone on speaker or pass handset back and forth
  7. Hang up to end the call

From your Smartphone or tablet using the app, connect to an interpreter through this simple process:

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Enter your assigned authentication code just one time and name your device for easy reference (the code can be used on multiple devices)
  3. Find the language you need by scrolling Top Languages, All Languages, or Search
  4. Tap the language choice for either an audio call or video call
  5. In seconds, begin the interpreting session
  6. If in person, place phone on speaker or pass handset back and forth or if a video call, make sure the interpreter can see the person who needs language assistance and the volume is up
  7. Tap the red phone icon to end the call
Download the app:
Windows PC with Chrome or Firefox browser: https://insight.languageline.com

Watch a Training Video to help you easily use the app: 

Affordable Service

Personal Interpreter is available for only $3.95 per minute for audio calls from any phone or the app and $4.95 per minute for video calls from the app.  Charges are conveniently billed directly to your credit card. Your account information and call duration for billing will be collected via our automated secure platform. You only pay for the minutes you use and you will only be billed for minutes once a qualified interpreter has been connected.

All charges will appear on your credit card statement. Additional charges may apply from your telephone service/cellular provider.

Professional interpreters are waiting for you call.

World-Class Interpreter Network

Depending on the interpretation session to be accurate and secure is important not only to you but to the person you are helping.  We connect you to qualified, professional interpreters who are must pass demanding third party tests and rigorous training programs, which include industry specific knowledge to earn the right to interpret for you and us. They are also required to comply with laws, regulations and company policies regarding confidentiality and the safety and security of the information they handle and are HIPAA-compliant.

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Trained professional interpreters.

Connect with an interpreter 24/7. Pay by the minute with Personal Interpreter.

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