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LanguageLine Solutions is a great company! Their products have been wonderful tools for our patients and our hospital. We are all very happy with the services provided and the great customer service we receive! We highly recommend them!

Lesley LoCaste
Patient Relations
Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital


It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend LanguageLine Translation for your translation needs.  LanguageLine has assisted us with three major projects. The staff at LanguageLine is knowledgeable of our language access ordinance and has an exceptional overall knowledge base for translation across various media including print, web, and video.  Working with their staff has been ideal as the project management is handled with great care and attention to detail. I cannot thank them enough for their guidance and assistance in creating a more welcoming experience for our visitors who do not speak English.

Rebecca Bradley
Manager of Access Programs
Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco

Thank you for your massive and gallant efforts. I don’t know too many companies who would go above and beyond in this manner to help one of their customers be successful. Thank you, thank you! I'll write a testimonial, be in a commercial, or even start the LLS fan club!

Senor Technical Writer-Software Solutions

Video Interpreting...

University of Cincinnati Medical Center is the nation’s premier teaching hospital. Believing that the patient should own-their own-healthcare, we partner with the patient, and together we build a plan for their health.  Communicating and understanding the plan is essential for compliance.

We have a team of staff interpreters, but they don’t speak all the languages of the patient’s we see, and they cannot cover all our appointments.  That’s where LanguageLine’s video interpreting is important. Video remote interpreting is closest to having an actual interpreter in the room because the interpreter and patient can see each other. It is interactive; the interpreter can observe the patient’s body language, any visual cues, notice cultural nuances, and detect dialects faster.  

Our patients really like it.  We call it IRIS –Internet Remote Interpreter Service. We roll the iPad on a cart into the room to easily access a live interpreter.  It is comforting for the patient to actually see someone in the room that speaks their own language and it provides an additional friend in our patient/provider team. The interpreter delivers one-on-one focus on the patient providing accurate, clear communication for flow of information to and from the patient, to and from the doctor. In stressful and emotional situations, LanguageLine video interpreting provides a layer of reassurance that helps build doctor/patient trust.  

LanguageLine helps us provide outstanding patient care so the patient can understand and respond to procedures, diagnosis, treatment, and their role in their own health.

Sheila C. Maxwell
Director of Auxiliary, Volunteers, and Interpreting Services
University of Cincinnati Medical Center

Not only did LanguageLine help us with implementing LanguageLine Video Interpreting, but they listened to our desire to utilize iPads with a rolling stand.  In addition they assigned us a unique "800#", so make the process smoother.

They spent two days at our facility visiting all of the units and off-site clinics to demonstrate the use of the device.  The tools that LanguageLine has created are very simple and clear cut.  I have to say that after a month (today) since our implementation I have not had any requests for additional training in the last 3 weeks!

But the true testament comes from the nurses!  While attending Bed Meeting on day 2 of the implementation I had a nurse share an encounter with a Spanish speaking patient.  She said the patient was not very forthcoming with information when using the audio function on the iPad (which functions that same as the phones).  So she switched off and called back in to video interpreting.  A Spanish interpreter came on the screen and the patient "gushed" with information – that she obviously didn't feel comfortable sharing "over the phone".  The nurse went on to say that not only was the patient information invaluable to formulate a plan of care, but took her half the time because it worked so smoothly. I have since had multiple stories from our Nurses with much the same outcome. My thanks to the Language Line Team for helping us help our patients!

Shelley Brady, CHSP, HACP
Environment of Care Safety Officer/Accreditation
St. Agnes Medical Center

Just sharing some of the success stories I have had with the VRI (video remote interpreting) through the IPad. I have had to use the old language interpretation telephone line in the past to communicate with patients and compared to that, this new system is a lot easier and faster! I had one Mandarin speaking patient who was new to Rite Aid and did not speak any English, looking to get prescriptions filled and seemed to be in a rush. Instead of referring him to another pharmacy in Chinatown, I was able to get an interpreter within minutes to help me communicate with the patient and get the information I needed in order to fill his prescription. Being so close to so many non-English speaking customers, I quickly realized that was a great addition my resources and could be a potential factor to help increase customer service and drive script count (as well as sales).

Another good experience I had using this service was with a patient who is deaf. This patient is a regular customer to my pharmacy, however, has to communicate everything to us through writing. When she came in for her prescriptions and there was an issue with one of them, I realized that this was a perfect time to use this new resource and set the iPad in front of her so that the interpreter could sign the information I needed to tell her. The patient seemed so amazed that we offered this service and had a big smile on her face when she left the pharmacy.

Nick Desai

Phone Interpreting...

The interpreter did an outstanding job assisting me taking a call of a missing autistic child. She was very assertive and able to control the caller who was hysterical (the mother). I would like to commend her for doing such a great job.

911 Operator
Hayward, CA

When WGL Energy began our search for a partner to deliver outstanding phone interpretation services, quality, reliability and accessibility were paramount. WGL Energy found that partner in LanguageLine Solutions.  

The LanguageLine team has provided us highly-skilled telephone interpreters on our schedule. They carefully select and train their interpreters to achieve the highest levels of quality.

Aileen P. Cannon
Customer Care Manager
WGL Energy

My Arabic Interpreter did a great job assisting me. We were doing a medical history with a non-English speaking member. The call was long and time consuming. The interpreter was very patient. It surprised me that I didn't have to repeat the medical questions to her that I was asking the client.

Nurse at a Major Health Care Insurance Company

LanguageLine Testing/Training - eLanguage Proficiency Test

“T-Mobile is very pleased to be a partner with LanguageLine Solutions to assess the language proficiency of our Call Center and Retail pre-hire candidates and employees with the new and easy to use eLanguage Proficiency Test.  The eLPT is the perfect language assessment; it’s online, available any time, and it still provides fast results which are conducted by a professional LanguageLine evaluator. This allows T-Mobile to seamlessly use the eLPT within our current applicant tracking system in partnership with our video interviewing platform for immediate assessments.  We’re excited to continue to expand the use of the eLPT for all our language assessment needs.”

Karen Sullivan
Sr. Program Manager Talent Selection

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