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Interpretation and Translation

The LanguageLine difference

Language access can be far more than transactional. It is not the mere exchange of words, as one would trade one currency for another. When done right, it is transformational, allowing our clients to understand not just what their customers say, but what they mean.

LanguageLine has the experience, team, and technology to convert the complexities of our nation’s linguistic landscape into a powerful business asset for you.

World-class linguists

Imagine the uncertainty your limited-English, Deaf, and Hard-of-Hearing customers face as they try to secure your services, to say nothing of the frustration your staff experiences as they attempt to overcome communication hurdles. At LanguageLine, we search the world for linguists who are uniquely qualified to deliver transformational experiences for all concerned.

LanguageLine is a communications company enabled by technology. We are human at our core and our linguists are our heartbeat. They meet the industry’s highest standards, earning the privilege to interpret or translate for our clients and the communities they serve.

Pioneering technology

The world in which we live is growing more diverse by the day. You are no doubt striving to be inclusive with all your customers, regardless of language, culture, or ability. LanguageLine anticipates your language-access needs by creating trail-blazing solutions that simplify complex communication challenges, turning them into opportunities for our clients.

When you partner with LanguageLine, you have on-demand access to reliably fast, accurate, and scalable language solutions that will transform the experience for your limited English, Deaf, and Hard-of-Hearing customers. Over the past two years, we have invested nearly $49 million in engineering, research, and development, all with the aim of enhancing existing solutions and developing new ones.

Rigorous security

Your customers trust you to keep their personal information protected at all times. Under no circumstance can this faith be violated, which is why we go to incredible lengths to maintain security and confidentiality.

All of our solutions, processes, and hiring practices are oriented around information security, a subject we treat with the enormous gravity it deserves. LanguageLine completed nearly 700 security audits and assessments last year with a success rate of 99 percent. This dramatically exceeds our closest competitor.

Around-the-clock support

The community you serve is constantly growing more complex and multicultural. Our client relationships do not end at the point of sale – in fact, the sale marks the beginning of a partnership. We are invested in your success and eager to align in the ongoing management of a transformational language-access program.

Our complimentary support services include 24/7 technical support, implementation services, staff training, and ongoing education programs. These support services will help you better utilize your language-access program so that you can maximize efficiencies, improve your image, drive revenue, increase productivity, and adhere to regulations.

Unrivaled experience

As we enter an era of unprecedented diversity, the reliability of your language-services provider has never been more important. We founded the over-the-phone interpreting industry in 1982. Today we are its largest provider – larger than our next 10 competitors combined. We have 14,000 highly trained interpreters on our team.

We handle more than 40 million interactions per year. This matters because each repetition represents an opportunity to learn and improve on behalf of our 30,000 clients. It also reflects our ability to scale to our partners’ needs, no matter how unexpected they may be.

Industry-leading scalability

The need for language access is unpredictable. As society becomes more diverse, surges in usage can come at any time. It’s imperative that you have a language-services partner that can expand to meet your needs at a moment’s notice.

A provider’s size is a significant factor in our industry. LanguageLine is the third largest in the language-access industry – larger than our next 9 interpretation competitors combined. We have 14,000 highly trained, highly skilled linguists on our team. In a given day, we may handle 100,000 Spanish interpretation calls. Those calls are answered in an average of about 8 seconds, as compared to an industry standard of 30 seconds.

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