MONTEREY, Calif. | September 19, 2012 — LanguageLine Solutions, the global market leader in interpretation and translation services, today presented the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) with the LanguageLine Solutions Diversity and Multiculturalism Award.
“We’re proud to be recognized for our commitment to better serve all our customers and the community,” said Sharon Craver, ICBC contact centres and operations director. “We care about our customers and with the help of LanguageLine Solutions, we’re able to create a more comfortable environment that allows our customers to speak with our staff and ask questions in the language of their choice.”
LanguageLine Solutions looked at the breadth and depth of the language access programs and policies of its thousands of customers and selected ICBC for best demonstrating the diversity and multiculturalism criteria, including:

  • Meeting the needs of limited-English speaking customers
  • Removing language barriers at customer touch points
  • Celebrating the multicultural and ethnic diversity of North America
  • Promoting language access programs throughout the enterprise
  • Increasing market presence with in-language collateral, advertising, POS materials, Web and customer service
  • Establishing a multicultural brand presence and identity

“The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia has distinguished itself as a leader in supporting the culturally diverse drivers of British Columbia,” said Robert Koen, Vice President of LanguageLine Solutions. “ICBC is dedicated to keeping drivers safe on B.C. highways while serving them in whatever languages they speak. Because they recognize the importance of breaking down language barriers wherever they exist, we are proud to support ICBC in their commitment to serve their customers.”

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