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Testing & Training

Test and Train Your Bilingual and Interpreter Staff

LanguageLine® Testing and Training℠ offers the most advanced testing and training to attest to fluency, competency, and industry terminology. As the experienced industry leader, we conduct thousands of assessments and trainings each year for hundreds of clients and internal hiring, so you can be assured that our programs deliver exceptional, accurate and dependable results.

  • Enhance staff interpreter skills
  • Proof of competency for compliance
  • Assess level of fluency in your bilingual staff and candidates for hire
  • Specialized training for medical interpreters
  • Justify bilingual pay differentials

Our innovative testing includes online delivery for fast, flexible, and convenient results. Each test is evaluated and rated by experts in the target language and English.

LanguageLine offers:Test-Train Stats

Our professional testing and training ensures the qualifications and skills of bilingual and interpreter staff for effective communication and documented proof for compliance with laws and regulations.  Increase staff productivity and mitigate risk of misunderstanding by documenting your staff’s abilities and building their proficiency.

LanguageLine Training and Testing ensures fluency.

LanguageLine Testing and Training

See how LanguageLine empowers your organization’s interpretation staff, mitigating risks and reducing the chance of costly mistakes.

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