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LanguageLine® Testing℠

Proof of proficiency and competency for compliance

Our online tests can be taken anywhere, at any time.We understand you depend on your staff.  Be assured your staff’s bilingual and interpretation skills are proficient and competent. Or, test before you hire to ensure your candidate’s fluency in English and a second language. Our tests were internally developed by experienced language professionals and externally validated by independent experts from the most prestigious language education programs.

Mitigate risks of misunderstandings and costly mistakes when you can depend on the fluency of your bilingual and interpreter staff.

LanguageLine offers the following tests for assessment, evaluation, and documentation of bilingual/interpreting staff or candidates for hire: 

  • Language Proficiency Test and eLanguage Proficiency Test
    Level of fluency in English or another language in general context. Learn more...
  • Bilingual Fluency Assessment and eBilingual Fluency Assessment
    Level of fluency in English and the target language and knowledge of terms commonly used in a healthcare context. Learn more...
  • Bilingual Fluency Assessment for Clinicians
    Level of fluency in English and the target language in a clinical healthcare context, as well as medical terminology. Learn More…
  • Interpreter Readiness Assessment
    Assesses the bilingual candidate’s aptitude for interpreting based on a brief evaluation of fluency and conversion skills. Learn more...
  • Interpreter Skills Test
    Level of fluency in English and the target language, along with terminology and interpreting skills for entry level interpreters in healthcare or other industries. Learn More…
  • Medical Certification Test
    Knowledge of medical terminology and advanced interpreting skills for trained and experienced medical interpreters.  Learn more...
  • Court Certification Test
    Knowledge of court terminology and advanced interpreting skills for trained and experienced court interpreters. Learn More…

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Assessments are designed to evaluate bilingual staff language proficiency and interpreting skills in a variety of fields such as medical, insurance, finance, legal, and public service. These specialized tests are valuable tools to obtain documented proof of competency for professional development, regulatory or legal requirements, screening of new interpreters and evaluating industry knowledge. Tests are conducted via a landline phone by examiners with expert proficiency in the target language and in English.

After successful completion of LanguageLine’s programs, you will have proof your staff is qualified to effectively communicate with the limited English proficient individual, complying with regulations and laws. Increase customer and patient satisfaction, build trust, and ensure understanding when your staff can successfully communicate in the languages your communities understand.

Our affordable programs can be billed to your LanguageLine Solutions® Client ID, paid by credit card, or businesses can create an account.

For more information, please contact your Account Executive or LanguageLine directly at (877) 351-6636 or LLA@languageline.com.