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Localization links global business to local culture

The term “localization” is often confused with “translation.”

  • Translation is the process of converting simple written documents from one language to another.
  • Localization is the more complex process of adapting your digital content to a specific region’s language and cultural sensitivities so that it seems natural to that particular region.

We localize any content:

  • Websites
  • Software
  • Online applications
  • Mobile apps
  • Training materials
  • eLearning
  • Multi-media content
  • Subtitles, graphics

Your Trusted Partner for Localization 

LanguageLine Solutions partners with you to help build your global business. We take the time to become intimately familiar with your company, its products, and the multilingual audiences you serve. Then we build a customized solution specifically for you. This results in higher quality, shorter turnaround times and lower costs. You can count on us to deliver exactly what you need, and only what you need.

We solve localization problems with the kind of attention to detail, expert management, responsive service, and genuine commitment you won’t find anywhere else.

We understand just how much is riding on the localization of your content, materials, and applications. We provide diverse capabilities, bullet-proof quality, and superior project management from start to finish.

With our commitment to total and complete satisfaction, we have never caused a client to miss a product release date, a go-live date, or teach date… ever!

Best in Class Web Localization

LanguageLine Solutions offers both traditional web localization as well as the industry’s leading cloud-based proxy solution, Smartling, enabling:

  • Faster, better, real-time web localization
  • Cloud-based platform
  • Total control and transparency
  • Better value
  • Increased flexibility
  • Elimination of  “Black Box” aspects of web localization

Our Engineers are Beyond Compare

At Language Line Solutions, we solve the most technically demanding challenges with the most innovative solutions, often in hours rather than days. How is this possible?

  • Unlike other providers, we don’t outsource. All of our localization engineers are located in-house.
  • Each engineer has an average of 10 years of localization and internationalization expertise.
  • Each engineer is accomplished in UI, Help, and web engineering. They’re also experts in all aspects of multimedia localization, as well as all of the leading translation memory platforms, software development environments, graphic design applications, and database management tools.

Quality Assurance You Can Count On

Our QA Specialists are vigilant in the review and validation of all deliverables, whether in print or online. In fact, LanguageLine Solutions performs comprehensive quality assurance procedures at every step in the localization process. Rather than testing only a sample of the work product, we test 100% of it. Every word, every page, every screen, and every function is tested or reviewed as appropriate.

We Embrace New Technology

Technology is playing a progressively vital role in localization. It helps improve quality, reduce costs, and simplify project management. That’s why LanguageLine Solutions deploys the most up-to-date technologies available, including a variety of our own proprietary tools. We’re also experts in multimedia localization, CMS integration, proxy solutions for website localization, and custom workflows for enterprises.

Our LingoNET web portal was specifically designed to make it extremely easy for global organizations to dispatch, monitor, and manage localization projects from any place, at any time, saving valuable time and expense.

  • Easy to use
  • Fully customizable
  • Secure file transfer
  • 24/7 access
  • Submit locally, manage centrally
  • Comprehensive reporting

The LanguageLine Localization Difference

  • Reliability: On-time delivery
  • Customer service: The highest quality deliverables
  • Business model: We project manage, engineer, provide DTP and QA
  • Quality of resources: All linguists are full-time, accredited professionals, tested and qualified
  • Focus on process: Comprehensive quality control procedures
  • Integrity: We do what we say
LanguageLine Solutions Localization Brochure

LanguageLine Localization Brochure

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