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Interpreter Stories

Our Linguists are the Heart and Soul of Our Company

These are their stories…

Professional interpreters are trained to handle all kinds of sessions.Our nearly 9,000 language professionals work 24/7/365 with over 27,000 client organizations in a wide variety of industries. The breadth of their experience is truly amazing.

Along the way, they’ve had incredible experiences that exemplify the power of language access and raise awareness for what good professional linguists can do for the community at large, and each individual they work with.

Read real-life experiences of our professional interpreters who make a difference in someone's life every second of every day.

A Punjabi Interpreter

I had a 911 call that a child was bleeding heavily and short of breath. His mother was screaming and crying and scared. So, the 9-1-1 service told me the mother needs to calm down. She needed to follow the instructions while the ambulance reaches her residence. Those instructions included a way to stop the heavy bleeding and administer CPR.

It took some time and lots of repeating of the instructions but, finally, the mother said the child opened his eyes and the bleeding had subsided.

Our 911 client and I were very, very happy and the client kept telling me how good I did and that we saved a life. It made me feel very good about myself. I love my job because every call I take I am making a difference.

A Spanish Interpreter

Several weeks ago, there was a call that really impacted me. A bank had called and needed interpreting. The limited English proficient (LEP) person had cancer and was having a lot of problems trying to get a loan from her 401k. She started crying because of the difficult times she was having. The bank representative was very kind.

The call lasted approximately 70 minutes but, at the end, both the representative and I were able to help her. The LEP wanted to speak to our managers to give a commendation about us. I explained that I was just an interpreter and if I was able to help her that was my greatest acknowledgement and commendation. I felt very good about this call.

A Hindi Interpreter

This call affected me greatly due to the severity of the accident. The call began with the insurance adjuster calling the insured to verify how he and his family were doing after the accident. The insured responded by saying he was at the hospital with his injured wife. The adjuster then asked him to describe the accident.

The family had been traveling late at night on an isolated mountain road. The insured believes he hit a patch of black ice causing him to lose control of the vehicle. The vehicle began to roll over and over, breaking out the car’s windows. His wife’s seat belt snapped and launched her against a bed of rocks and boulders. She had multiple lacerations and fractures. The force from the rolling vehicle was so immense that the straps on their baby’s car seat snapped as well. When the car finally came to a stop, the driver frantically searched for his 10 month old baby boy. He was surprised to find an empty car seat.

As he continued to search through and around the vehicle, he found his baby tucked neatly and quietly on the floor by the foot pedals. To his amazement the baby was unscathed, with not a single scratch on him. This was a bittersweet call for me!

A Vietnamese Interpreter

Recently, I had a chance to interpret for a gentleman. It was a case of serious misunderstanding.

The limited English proficient (LEP) person said one day he had a very bad case of chest pain. It was so bad that he could not stand up. He had to crawl and tried to call 911. He tried several times and finally the police came, but misunderstood the situation, and put him in jail.

After 6 months in jail, he lost his job because of his jail record. The first time I interpreted for him with a police psychologist, the conversation seemed very normal and, at the end, the psychologist asked me how I felt about the way he answered the questions. I said that the LEP answered the questions very straightforward and appropriately.

Then, about 3 weeks later, I again interpreted for the same gentleman, and this time I felt so good because this time the company that he used to work for now wanted to hire him back. I felt so happy for him and he was so thankful for my interpretation because he said “You accurately interpreted what I wanted to say and you have saved me and my family.”

I felt so liberated and very happy for him. This job has given me a very good feeling and is very rewarding every day. Thank you LanguageLine Solutions.

Of course, these are just a sampling of the hundreds of compelling experiences our interpreters make possible every day.

If you can see your own customers or patients facing similar circumstances, we urge you to look into professional language access solutions today.

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