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Need assistance overcoming language barriers in the communities you serve?

Metro Nashville Government has awarded a contract to LanguageLine Solutions for services enabling you to:  

  • Improve communication and image with multilingual communities
  • Support safety and security of staff and the public
  • Comply with language access mandates
  • Increase productivity and reduce staff frustration
  • Maximize budget and resources

Featured Solutions

  • LanguageLine Phone Interpreting- Phone interpreting provides a flexible and cost-effective way to bridge language barriers in contact centers, walk-in offices or when responding to emergencies in the field.  We provide secure, confidential communication to assist clients 24/7/365 in more than 240 languages.Learn more...

  • LanguageLine Translation and Localization-  Translating content into top languages in the community can improve outreach, strengthen relations and increase operational efficiency across services. Targeting specific language groups? Localize any type of content including websites, mobile apps, and more.  Learn more...

Get Started

To set up an account, submit a completed Schedule A form and email directly to jmatthews@languageline.com.

For more information on services available to Metro Nashville Government under this contract, or to discuss how to improve language access in your department, contact: 

Joe Matthews, Strategic Account Executive
LanguageLine Solutions
Phone/Fax: 831-648-7140
E-mail: jmatthews@languageline.com

Jon Bove
Business Development Manager, Translation Solutions
LanguageLine Solutions
Phone: 541-968-1255
E-mail: jbove@llts.com

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Extra support that makes the difference!

Learn more about how to access these complimentary resources:

  • Customer Support Materials -  Clients have access to materials that help front line staff identify a language, access an interpreter, and let the public know interpretation services are available.  Materials include:
    • Quick Reference Guides with specific instructions to access an interpreter
    • Language identification guides let your clients self-identify the language they speak 
    • "Interpretation Services Available" signage for public areas
    • "Please Hold" Training Guide- a downloadable reference document with audio recordings  to help agents identify a caller's language and keep them on the line. 
  •  Service Implementation Support -  Our implementation resources are ideal for initial service launch, refresher training or to promote ongoing awareness across your organization. Implementation optimizes all of your language resources and improves language access compliance. Clients can opt for on-site implementation support or take advantage of self-implementation resources, including:
    • Step-by-step guides and scripted presentations
    • Reference and support documentation
    • Video tutorials
  • Provide Feedback -  Our “Voice of the Customer” program supports LanguageLine's commitment to total and complete client satisfaction. Listening to our clients helps us provide the highest quality and most innovative language services. We want to hear from you! Please share any concern, commendation, comment or question. We are here to help.
  • My.LanguageLine.com -  Our online reporting portal provides secure access to monitor your account activity, review invoices and create and schedule reports. The data provides insights about your customer demographics, and can help increase productivity and manage expenses.

Who is LanguageLine?

As the world’s largest and most experienced language services provider, LanguageLine handles nearly 38 million interactions per year—that’s more than one new interaction every second. Today we are able to connect you to a professional interpreter via audio or video in 30 seconds or less, on average. We can translate or localize your written and multimedia content in any format.  We do all of this in more than 240 languages (including American Sign Language), and we do it 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.