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Overcoming Language Barriers to Connect with a Diverse Student Population

Middletown City School District (New York) places great value on diversity. Appreciating the eclectic nature of its student body is an active area of focus that sets the district apart nationally. Officials have gone above and beyond in their effort to provide language-access solutions for English language learners and their parents. The district sets out to empower educators and other school staff with on-demand access to interpretation services to bridge language barriers.

In this Q&A case study, you will learn:

  • How Middletown’s innovative use of on-demand interpretation and translation has created stronger bonds between teachers, students, and families
  • How language access radically improves the quality of education for English language learners
  • The creative steps Middletown took to get buy-in and funding for its language access program

Learn from Middletown City School District about ways you can implement an innovative and successful language access program within your school district.

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