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Banking on the Massive Potential of Limited-English Consumers

There has been much conversation in recent years about the "Bank of the Future." Much of this discussion has centered on offering appropriate technology and channels, but there's a critical element that seems to be missing: language.

Financial consumers have become more culturally and ethnically varied. More than 65 million U.S. residents - or 20 percent of the population - speak a language other than English at home. Though economically powerful, these people have historically found it difficult to access financial products and services.

Banks and other financial services providers can seize an enormous opportunity by removing barriers and unlocking their industry for limited-English speakers.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • The nuances of these emerging multicultural audiences
  • How "financial security" is defined in different cultures
  • Four key strategies for reaching limited-English consumers
  • Success stories some of North America's most formidable institutions have experienced in reaching out to this audience

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